Garray is the third plant in Europe that certifies its biomass sustainable management under the voluntary scheme SURE according to REDII Directive.

Bioeléctrica de Garray

The biomass power plant Bioeléctrica de Garray, belonging to the ENSO group and partner of the LIFE CO2IntBio project, has certified the sustainable managament of the biomass used in the power plant through the voluntary scheme SURE, according to REDII Directive

The Directive (EU) 2018/2001 REDII, concerning to the promotion of the use of renewabel sources energy, has the objective to regulate the use of renewable energy in the European Union and helping to reach the goals of emissions reduction in the framework of the Paris Agreement.

The voluntary certification system SURE verifies the sustainability of the biomass resources in the energy sector, fulfilling the mandatory sustainablitiy criteria for those energy productors from biomass included in the REDII Directive.

Bioeléctrica de Garray has been the second company in Spain and the third in Europe to certify the sustainable origin of the biomass used for the electrical and thermal energy. With a power of 17 MWe installed, approximately 135,000 tons per year of biomass are used, coming from forestry and agricultural residue. This way, the sustainable origin of the biomass used is guaranteed.

Therefore, the LIFE CO2IntBio project is the first industrial project in Spain where the biomass fulfils the voluntary scheme SURE according to the Directive 2018/2001, what also assures the renewable origin of the CO2 commercial gas obtained in the CO2 capture and purification plant from the biomass power plant gases.