Carburos Metálicos, partner at LIFE CO2IntBio project, will be present at Expoquimia 2021, wher this innovative project about carbon capture and purification will be introduced among other projects of the company.



Carburos Metálicos, the leader company in industrial and medical gases in Spain, is one of the main companies of the chemical industry that will expose their innovations at the Smart Chemistry Forum, Smart Future, framed in the next International Chemistry Event (Expoquimia 2021), which will take place in Barcelona from 14 to 17 september.

Carbon capture is one of the future bets of Carburos Metálicos, so that the company will exhibit their most recent project related, LIFE CO2IntBio, placed in Garray (Soria). The plant that is being built there, will capture and process the CO2 froma the gases of an energy productcion plant from biomass, creating this way a circular economy scheme. The resulting product, completely sustainable, will be used in sectors such as food, just an example of its multiples applications, that will contribute to industry decarbonisation, in line with the objectives set by the European Union for the energy transition. 

The company will have a stand at Pavilion 3 of the International Chemistry Event. Further information: Carburos Metálicos at Expoquimia 2021