• This pioneering circular-economy project will leverage the complementarity of the industrial activities of ENSO´s Bioeléctrica de Garray Plan thanks to a CO2 capture plant built and operated by Carburos Metálicos.
  • The implementation of this project will prevent the emission of thousands of tonnes of CO2 annually, and will save approximately 100,000 km a year in liquid CO2 road transport.
  • Carburos Metálicos consolidates its presence in Castilla y León while increasing its CO2 production capacity in Spain.
  • This project is supported by the European Union´s LIFE Programme, which seeks to boost sustainable development and the achievement of environmental and climate action goals.

Carburos Metálicos, a leading company in the industrial and medical gas sector in Spain and part of the Air Products Group, will build and operate a plant for the capture, cleaning and use of CO2 emitted by Bioeléctrica de Garray, the biomass power plant owned by ENSO (Energy Environment and Sustainability) in Garray, Soria (Spain). In addition to this, the biomass plant will supply the energy and steam necessary for CO2 capture processing. The plant is expected to start operations in June 2021.

The project will prevent the emission of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere annually, in addition to saving 100,000 km a year in the distribution of CO2 by road to customers in Castilla y León and in neighbouring regions, in different industry sectors, including the food and beverage sector. 

Thus, with this agreement and this new plant, Carburos Metálicos will increase ist production capacity, consolidate its leading position in the Spanish carbon dioxide market and commit to a circular-economy model through the use of a renewable CO2 source, capturing and recycling a resource that would otherwise be wasted.

The biomass plant in Garray, operating since 2013, has a power generation capacity of 17MWe and is fuelled by forest biomass from pruning and forest clearing and by-products froma agricultural activities (such as dry olive cake), thus contributing to fire prevention and adding value to these agroindustry waste.

The project for the new CO2 capture, cleaning and recycling facilities in Garray is financially supported by the European Union´s LIFE Programme, an instrument created in 1992 to support and fund environmental and climate action projects. For more information, visit the project´s website: www.lifeco2intbio.eu

"This strategic partnership proves once again tha sustainability is at the heart of our business. Furthermore, the project will contribute to our strategic goal, `Third by `30´, which seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of the Air Products Group by one third by 2030, from a 2015 baseline. From a local point of view, this pioneering circular-economy project allows us to continue improving sustainability and efficience by increasing our production capacity in the area, while reducing the CO2 generated in the distribution of our products by road. In so doing, we also benefit the neighbouring communities by improvint the air quiality", said Miquel Lope, General Manager of Carburos Metálicos.

"This represents another step towards our Bioeléctrica de Garray optimisation strategy, aligned with our visio of a more sustainable world based on a circular economy. With this project we combine our vision of a more sustainable world based on a circular economy. With this project we combine our fundamental pillar - renewabel energies and innovation- and strengthen our commitment to the local development" stated Emilio Luis López Carmona, CEO of ENSO.