Lucía Roca, COO from Energy Environment and Sustainability (ENSO) participated in the Annual Assembly of BIOPLAT (Biomass Technology Platform) * to present the case of the company Bioeléctrica de Garray as a tractor of circular bioeconomy.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Spanish sector of Biomass and the Bioeconomy

In addition to the presentation of this succesful story on industrial symbiosis and CO2 capture and utilisation, complemented with the thermal and electrical integration of two processes and the future production of organic fertilizers, the Assembly presented the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Spanish sector of Biomass and the Bioeconomy. In this Agenda, the project has a relevant presence in Infobox 9 of the Added Value section.

The LIFE CO2 Int Bio projecto was the one that reached the highest number of participants, being the golden minute of the Assembly with up to 104 partipants connecte. The profile of the participants was eminently from the public sector of Spanish innovation, although there were also assistants from private companies. The speakers were innovative companies,  CDTI and other members of the BIOPLAT working groups.

*The Spanis Technological and Innovation Platform "Biomass for the Bioeconomy" is a group of excellence and sectoral technical-scientific coordination whose activities are promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, made up of all the relevant actors in the biomass sector and the bioeconomy in Spain (305 entities, more than 50% companies), which since 2006 has been working to achieve the conditions that favour the development of biomass and the bioeconomy in all regions of Spain, in a sustainable and competitive way.