The project LIFE CO2 Int Bio was presented at the "Innovation Meeting: opportunities of circular economy in industry; a look to raw materials."

Presentation of the LIFE CO2 Int Bio project in a conference about circular economy in Castilla y León

Last 10th of October, the project LIFE CO2 Int Bio was presented during the circular economy regional meetings as an example of material recover using new raw materials.

The meeting took place in the Parque Tecnológico of León and was organized in the setting of the Centr@tec program from the Instituto de la Competitividad Empresarial and the regional strategy of circular economy.

The presentation was performed by Lucía Roca, Gestamp Biomass operations director. The workshop also included a networking action in partnership with the INTERREG Europe project REMIX. More than 60 persons from different research centers, technological centers, universities and public bodies attended the event.