Sustainability is the main aspect of this project. This point is, precisely, what makes this project ideal to be applied to other fields. It allows getting economic and environmental solutions and benefits in sections where industry is currently facing difficulties.

Due to climate situation, countries need to reduce its CO2 emissions. However, daily life needs this gas in usual processes. Recovering and purifying these gases in order to reuse them, it is an economic solution who offers new business opportunities.

Furthermore, if Circular Economy ideas are applied, all parties involved will win. This is the reason why market dimensions are being studied to replicate the project and offer it to other sectors. 

The Business Plan collects the interactions between the different companies that take part in the project, as well as their future evolution. We intend, once it has been contrasted with the real experience of operation, to improve it and determine the optimal scale of a project of this type, in order to have a tool that facilitates the replicability of this model in this and other sectors in the future.