To develop an eco-labelling scheme, based in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) for the new product "green CO2".

The CO2 product life cycle assessment, will be compared in 3 different scenes, according to the different production technologies and procedures commonly used and the production proposed in the LIFE project:

  1. CO2 production by natural gas combustion.
  2. CO2 production by treating industrial plants emissions.
  3. CO2 production by treating biomass energy plants emissions (LIFE CO2 Int Bio project).

The analysis will be developed in accordance to the methodology established in ISO 14040 standard.

The product (gas) generated by CO2 Int Bio from the biomass plant gases, will be certified with an eco-label type III (Environmental Product Declaration), on the basis that to its production will not be consumed energy or raw materials and it will contribute to reduce biomass plant emissions, whose current CO2 emissions balance is already considered neutral.

The Environmental Product Declaration verification must be done by an independent and recognized verifier.