Place where the CO2 capturing, cleaning and obtaining plant will be located.


In order to turn the CO2 contained in the gases from biomass combustion into a market product, it is necessary, first, to isolate it from the rest of components. This separation will take place in the CO2 plant. After the capture and separation of the gas, the next step is to purify it, removing impurities and unwished particles, to achieve the quality required. In this case, it will be obtained industrial, food and medicinal quality. 

The main components of the CO2 plant are the following: 

  • Purification system of the biomass combustion smoke.
  • Steam capture system to adapt it to process steam.
  • Liquate system: compression and refrigeration of CO2. This system allows us to liquate and commercialize the remaining CO2 because the amount of gas produced will be more than the amount required by the pipe. In this way, on the one hand, it will be possible to reuse a bigger amount of CO2 and, in the other hand, the quantity of this gas manufactured in other processes will be limited.
  • Storage system and treatment of chemical components produced in the process.
  • Electric equipment.
  • Control system.
  • Fire protection system.
  • NOx, CO2, Oand particle monitoring system. When the CO2 has been separated from the rest of the smoke, the excess of gas will be returned to the atmosphere much cleaner than the original combustion gas.

The CO2 capture and production plant will be located on the lands of BIOELECTRICA DE GARRAY, placed in the municipal district of Garray (Soria). The access to these installations will be from the biomass plant. 

The CO2 capture plant is an automatic and independent installation from the biomass plant, separated from it by a metal fence. Operation of the plant: once the combustion gases from the biomass plant have passed by the appropiate filters, part of them will be driven through a pipe from the chimney to the CO2 production plant; here starts the CO2 capturing, cleaning and obtaining process.