The Life CO2IntBio project Partnership members are the companies Carburos Metálicos, ENSO O&M and Bioeléctrica de Garray, and the public body Fundación Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León. The Project is being implemented in the Environmental Industrial Park located at Garray (Soria)

The general objective of the project is contributing to the mitigation of CO2 emissions in energy intensive industrial sectors (biomass power plant, CO2 commercial gas production; intensive agri-farming greenhouses) applying new techniques or methods in those sectors, by industrial integration and creation of new value chains for CO2 as a raw material, when avoiding emissions is not possible using available technology.

The project will integrate a new CO2 plant to clean, deliver (compressed or liquefied) and, partially, sequestrate CO2 emissions of an existing biomass power plant, optimizing 3 industrial processes (energy, CO2 commercial gas and intensive agri-farming).

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