The project will be presented on the 7th Value Days that will take place from 5-6 October in Barcelona. 


CO2 Value Europe is an international and non-profit association that has become the legitimate representative of the Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) communitiy in Europe. CO2 Value Europe´s members share the belief that CCU technologies are neccesary to help the EU reach climate targets.

The LIFE CO2IntBio project will participate in the Session on Spanish CCU context and projects. Sonia Guri, Carburos Metálicos´ R&D Manager, will present the LIFE CO2IntBi project as a success case of carbon capture from biogenic CO(biomass combustion), the purification of the CO2 captured and its utilisation as chemical product (industrial and grade queality CO2).

During the CO2 Value Days, policymakers at the European level have been invited to update the assistants on the plans of the European Union for development of CCU (e.g. through the elaboration of the European Strategy for CCU and CCS expected at the end of 2023).

The final agenda can be found here