The Castilla y León Environmental Regional Government, organizes a meeting to recognize the environmental management efforts of 116 companies of the Region.

Reconocimiento por la obtención de la autorización ambiental

New recognition for the carbon capture and purification plant in Garray in a meeting organized by the Environmental Regional Government of Castilla y León. This act aims to publicly recognize those companies that are making a remarkable efforr in environmental issues.

These awards are classified into three categories:

  • Companies that have obtained their environmental authorization in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  • Companies that have accredited their products with the Ecolabel.
  • Companies that have adhered to the EMAS Community Management and Environmental Audit Scheme.

In the case of Carburos Metálicos, the recognition has been obtained for the approaval of the environmental authorization of the new CO2 capture and purification plant.