Development of an industrial symbiosis model among businesses from different sectors.

The LIFE CO2IntBio project has proved the feasibility of an industrial symbiosis model between the biomass power plant and the CO2 capture and purification plant, creating synergies that make both industrial processes more effective and sustainable:

  • Use of waste gases from biomass combustion as raw material that returns to the production flow (33,000 tonnes/year are recycled, with a potential to recover up to 55,000 t/year).
  • Direct electric and heat supply from the biomass power plant to the CO2 capture plant to produce green CO2 (with an estimated use of renewable electric energy of 7,475 MWh/year and of heat of 45,350 MWh/year).
  • Operational support for the integration of both production processes.

Further information:  LIFE CO2IntBio industrial symbiosis model.